Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Memories Rewind: A Penny was all I Needed

Mama had taken us down to the Rec. Department to play one afternoon. We played on the big yellow slide and the monkey bars, but what we really liked was the wishing well.

I skipped down the sidewalk admiring the well manicured lawn. I couldn't wait for Mama and E to get there. "Can I please have a penny?" Mama fished a shiny brown penny from her pocket. I held onto it so tight. I had read the Wishing Well book, so I was very excited. I didn't know what could happen, but I knew it had to be good. I peered over the gurgling creek, searching for little fish. I didn't think the wishing well would like pushy kids, so I patiently waited on my mom a brother to get there. I thought maybe our twin powers would get us a great wish. Or maybe even an extra wish if the wishing well princess was feeling especially nice that day.

Finally, after what seemed like a century in kid years, my brother stood beside me. I closed my eyes and made a wish. I can't remember what I wished for, but it was probably a toy or a sleepover with friends. "Ker plunk" went the penny into the depths of the creek. I watched it as it tossed and turned as the current moved it around. The Wishing Well princess had received my wish.

Next, E had his turn. Mind you, he wasn't nearly as somber about the event as I was. He hurled the penny with all of his might into the creek. "Did you see that?!" he shrieked. Yep, I had a front row seat to the action. I was appalled at how he just threw it in there, but then I remembered: "That's what boys do." They wanted to see who can be the loudest or throw the farthest.

Me? I was content knowing that the pond was magical. The creek was in an ordinary creek in a rather ordinary place, but I believed it was an extraordinary thing. As I walked away, I pondered who all had been to the wishing well. What did they wish for? Hopes, dreams of faraway castles, dragon slayers, and everything in between were in that well. Not physically, but they represented the child-like wonder of the children who wished for them. All it took was a little faith to make those dreams come to life.

What place from your childhood holds special memories for you?


tam7777 said...

Wishing wells were so much fun.