Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Memories Rewind: Don't take It it's all I've Got

It was a few weeks before Christmas. People were rushing around filling their carts and arms with gifts. In the midst of the chaos was the ever popular Christmas photographer. The line wove its way around the aisle and into the clothing. It was almost if that photo was a rite of passage each year. After all, mothers were standing in line for hours with screaming babies who just wanted food. No cameras, duckies, or funny faces.

Before I knew it, it was my turn. Sit on the box and face the camera sweetie said the nice man. I smoothed out my deep blue dress and gave them my best smile. Click, click, click. Three pictures down and a million to go.

"Here's an umbrella. We want to try something a little different" said the female assistant. Only a woman knows that an outfit isn't complete without accessories-and neither is a photo. My eyes lit up at the sight of the beautiful white lace. Hold the umbrella in one hand while tilting your head, OK? said the woman. I gave it my best shot while clutching the umbrella.

"OK, All done! " said the woman. I slid off the box proudly holding my newfound treasure. "Sweetie, you have to give the umbrella back." What?! No one told me that. Needless to say, I wasn't giving up that easily. Didn't she see that we were meant to be? I don't think she understood how a child's mind worked. When you give them something, they think it's theirs. She showed me a treasure chest full of goodies like a squeaky yellow duck, countless shiny bracelets. It was no use. Nothing could compare to my umbrella.
ETA: In an ideal world, the umbrella would have become mine, making a home amongst my toy box. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. I got a vivid taste of reality that day that left a bitter taste in my mouth. I was beginning to think that I didn't like photographers after all. I did as I was told and placed the umbrella back in the black trunk. I didn't look back because I was too sad. A lifelong friendship filled with tea parties and dress up wasn't meant to be.
I thought I had written that I didn't get to keep it in the end. My fingers were typing faster than my brain was processing things! Thanks for catching that, Gwen!


tam7777 said...

memories, memories, you gotta love em

Gwen said...

Did you end up with the umbrella? Such a cute memory and photo too!!! XOXO