Friday, November 27, 2009

Change of Plans

I regret to say that Writer's Alcove won't happen this week because the person hasn't responded. If you don't have your email enabled, please think about it. It makes things so much easier when someone tries to contact you. If you've always wanted to do it but didn't know how, I'm going to help you. Click on Edit Profile. Scroll down until you see Show Email--make sure this box is checked. Save changes.

Since all of you liked it, I'm going to do another Scavenger Hunt. Click here to see the first one.

The Object of the Game: Find as many things out about me by searching through my entries--old and new. Take advantage of the search bar. (The relevant entries will show in a white box.)

  • What Christmas gift did I loathe so much that I made it stop talking?

  • What is a game that my brother and I played as children?

  • What unusual place did my brother and I sometimes play in outside?

  • Name the band that I loved as a preteen.

  • What did I chew on at a friend's sleepover?

  • A female Kohl's sales associate didn't know what this is. What is it?

  • What did I dress up for Halloween as a child?

  • What did I give my grandparents for their anniversary?

  • What did my brother and I do to my dad's former girlfriend's daughter one afternoon?

  • What kind of AFOs (braces) was I wearing when my brother was wearing these:

Have fun! I'll post the answers late Monday (or Tuesday) afternoon.