Monday, June 22, 2009

Scavenger Hunt Answers

Lots of people thought the scavenger hunt was a great idea, but no one left me a comment with their answers. Maybe you were so busy searching for the answers you forgot to comment. Yeah, that's it. I know everyone is dying to know the answers. Since I don't won't any of my beloved readers to die from curiosity, I will reveal the answers.

How many days a week do I go to physical therapy?


Is my twin a boy or a girl?


What am I majoring in?


What is my favorite fruit to eat during summer?


What do I love to do in my spare time?


What accessory did my mom's snow[wo]man have on?

Scarf. A brown and orange scarf.

What do I refer to life as?

Life is a journey. You had to read the "letter" I had to do on my thoughts about life for an assignment.

What's my motto about physical therapy?

It's all worth it.

What's the title of a recent book I've read that chronicles the story of a man who overcomes incredible odds in his life?

Gifted Hands

What never happens where I live?

It never snows!

Extra Credit Question: In your opinion, what's my blog about? My mom thought this would be a good question and so did I.

Since this was an opinion question, there was no right or wrong answer. I wanted to know what everyone thought.


BK said...

I enjoyed reading this! Sorry I didn't participate, I just am so pressed for time right now!

The Blonde Duck said...

I didn't mean to not give my answers. I just got stuck on assignment all week! :(

tam7777 said...

great idea--makes em think