Monday, August 17, 2009

You Don't Know What This Is?

Mama and I went to Kohl's because we had some coupons and it was tax free weekend. I went in looking for a cardigan but no such luck. They will have a better selection in the winter anyway. We browsed the racks instead.

I spotted a camisole that I liked, but Mama needed to try something on first. So we headed to the fitting room. As I waited outside, I spotted a sales associate. A woman approached her and asked her thoughts on wearing white after Labor Day. She replied, "I wouldn't care when it is, if I liked it I would wear it." The woman still wasn't convinced so she held up her white blazer and black skirt with white flowers. "You would would wear this?", the woman asked. She still said yes. I thought, "This woman must be a competent sales woman."

I wanted to go back and look at those camisoles, but I couldn't remember where they were. We stopped to ask that same sales lady. "Do you know where the Jockey camisoles would be? It was gray." She looked at me like I had lost my mind. "You mean a tank top?" "No, I replied, it's something you wear underneath shirts and it has thin straps." "Is it like a tank top?," she asked, trying to understand.

"Yes, it's similar to a tank top, but it has very thin straps", I said. By this time, Mama was trying to explain it to her as well. She didn't have a clue what we were talking about and it was painfully obvious.

A male salesperson just happened to come up while we were there. He asked us what we were looking for, and he told us where they should be. The lady had her own ideas as to where she thought the camisoles were. "They're in with the shirts, and they have a thick strap." By this time no one was paying her any attention. "Give me the man that knows clothing," was all I was thinking at this point.

He also tried to explain to the sales woman what a camisole was. She finally said, "I really don't know what a camisole is." The man couldn't believe what he just heard. A woman doesn't know what a camisole is?! All of my thoughts of her being a competent sales woman vanished when she uttered those words. Why does she work at a clothing store if she doesn't know that? A better question is: How did she ever get hired?


boo.mama said...

How frustrating!