Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Glance at the Future: A Hands Free Computer

I saw a video recently that got me thinking. Bill Gates is planning on doing a hands free version of the Wii. He porobably wants to test it out on a gaming system before he makes the switch to computers. See, that's why he makes the billions and I don't.

Through the years technology has changed so much. When I was born, they didn't have the sophisticated 3-D ultrasounds that are around today. We can talk to people with a flick of a button. It almost makes email seem old fashioned. With new ideas comes growth and change, but what kind of change and at what cost? MySpace and Facebook fool some people into thinking they have "relationships" with people just because they send them a message every now an then. Let me tell you, that is not a relationship. The virtual world is getting a little out of hand. I heard people were having virtual marriages through video games. How weird is that?

While it would be cool to have a hands free computer, it would also take some time to get used to. I made a mental list of the pros and the cons. One of the pros would be not having to hit backspace to correct your mistakes. Another would be no carpal tunnel.

Some of the cons would be the learning curve. Another would be the computer might require more specialized tools to fix if a problem occured. A third might be awkwardness. I mean, what would we do with our hands? Hands were made for a computer keyboard.

Click here the link to the video. Saving the video wasn't an option unfortunately.

What are your thoughts? Love it ? Hate it? Not sure? I'd love to know what you think!


The Blonde Duck said...

The Second Life stuff is what freaks me out, where people have other wifes, jobs, families....