Friday, July 17, 2009

The Quest to find a Smoothie wasn't so Smooth

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As you know we were supposed to get a smoothie after my doctor's appointment. Yeah, not so simple.

My love for smoothies started a few years ago after one of my surgeries. I was in the hospital and it was the day for me to go home. I had a catheter in that had to come out before I could be discharged. My doctor wanted me to drink, drink, and drink some more. Several hours had passed without me going to the bathroom. My grandparents asked me what else I wanted to drink. I'd had water, juice, and anything else you could think of. My grandfather saw a smoothie place downstairs and decided to bring me one. I still remember it vividly. It was a orange smoothie with pineapple and lots of other yummy fruits. I took one sip and I was in heaven. It didn't take me long to drink the whole thing. My grandfather made a mistake when he brought me that. I was hooked. It was so smooth and refreshing and much better than Coke. I drank at least two or three. (I finally went to the bathroom).
I've never forgotten that smoothie. I had another surgery in that same hospital a few years later. I asked Mama, "Will you go get me one of those smoothies from that smoothies place?" She came back with bad news. The smoothie place was closed. I couldn't believe it. Closed? Why? It was closed for renovations. The hospital had good food--they had Chic-Fil-A for goodness sakes, but the smoothies were fantastic. Ever since I found out they closed, I've been on the hunt for another good smoothie place. Not just any smoothie place, but one that would make your for your worries for just a little bit.

While grabbing Chic-Fil-A after a previous doctor's appointment, I saw something that caught my eye--Tropical Smoothie Cafe & Deli. "Hmm," I thought. It looked good, but we didn't have time to stop. I mentally filed it away for future reference because I'm always on the lookout for a good smoothie place.

Mama told me if I looked up the address online, we would go after my doctor's appointment. I got the address and put it in my phone for safekeeping. I like to know what others say about a new place before I visit, especially since I'd experienced smoothie letdown before. I read the reviews. Everyone who had been said the place was awesome. It was settled. We were going to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe & Deli.

My doctor's appointment was over. I was excited to try this place. Mama put the address in the GPS and off we went. After about thirty minutes, I asked Mama how much longer. I did not think it was this far away from he hospital. We spotted a Ross, lots of great Mexican places. I thought we were close. Boy, was I wrong. We weren't downtown anymore. We went down lots of little side roads with gas stations and dry cleaners on every corner. I was beginning to wonder if the GPS leading us astray.

The GPS finally said, "8.7 miles." Whew, I thought, not much longer." I was looking for the place since Mama was having to watch the road. We came to a hospital. I remembered a review I read said the smoothie place was right across the hospital. I looked right, I looked left, but no smoothie place in sight. We were tired, we were hungry. I told Mama, "You won't hear me say anything about a smoothie again." It's not worth all of this. The GPS told us to go left, but the street we were supposed to go on wasn't on the left.

I reminded Mama that I was okay with just getting something to eat. "You can pick wherever you want to eat. I don't care anymore." We ended up getting Chic -Fil-A because it was the closest. Even though we didn't find the smoothie place, I found out that a shop in my town sells smoothies. Go figure.

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BK said...

I miss living in Ath because I could always get a smoothie whenever I wanted! Smoothie King is my favorite!