Sunday, June 28, 2009

Memories Rewind: Quit Sangin' and Sore Fists

Having a twin is good for the most part. You always have someone to play with, someone to talk to. Sometimes you get on each other's nerves.

Case and point:

My brother and I went up to the dilapidated barn to see what our dad was doing. We decided to hop up on the old green tuck with its big headlights framed in thick silver rims. The dark green paint had a few rust spots that showed its age. The windows were the kind that you roll up by hand. You had to put some muscle into it.

We watched my dad talking to some men, but we soon became bored. My brother broke into a song-"Away in a Manger" to be exact. We're from the country, so keep that in mind. "Away in a manger no crib for a bed--"

I decided I needed to get in on the action. "Away in a manger"-- Suddenly I hear a loud rapping noise. Bang bag bang, as my brother['s fist pounded the truck. "*Danielle, quit sangin!" It's my turn. He tried again. "Away in a manger no crib for a bed, the wittle Lord Jesus lay down his sweet he-ad"--

"The cattle are lowing the baby's"-- I sang in my high pitched voice.

"DANIELLE! Quit sangin!" He punctuated every word with a loud bang on the truck, desperately trying to get my attention. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. I punctuated my stare with a swish of my blond ponytail.
"Away in a manger no crib for a bed, the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet he-ad", my brother sang.

"Away in a manager"-- I sang ever so sweetly. Mama had the camcorder out, I wanted my fifteen minutes of fame, dadgum it!

He finally gave up-I think his little wrists were hurting. I'm so glad Mama filmed that because the whole family laughs their heads of every time we watch it.

Looking back though, I wish I would have just let him sing the song. But aren't sisters supposed to pester their brothers?

*Danielle is not my real name, in case you didn't know.


tam7777 said...

thank God for Memories--recorders

The Blonde Duck said...

My job in life is to irrate my sister.

Gwen said...

Okay...we're planning a camping trip for September and now I think I need to re-negotiate our arrangements. LOL!!! XOXO