Saturday, January 02, 2010

Memories Rewind: A day with Granny

*Writer's Alcove will be posted as soon as I'm emailed a picture*

When when staying with my Granny and Papa, I could always find Granny watching TV and Papa asleep in his chair. I had gotten bored of flipping through 40 channels to no avail, so I set off to see what she was watching. I plopped down on the gray couch with small splotches of green and lavender throughout. Granny was watching the Price is Right with Bob Barker. I settled into the cushion hitting the round black button that promised to recline my feet. I had gotten there just in time. Johnny was calling contests down one by one. Some were wild with excitement while others tried to keep it together because in the back of their mind they knew they were on national television. They didn't want to end up on America's Funniest Home Videos for their crazy antics. They preferred to be in Price is Rights Hall of Fame for their intuition. At least this is how the scene played out in their minds ya know.

The lovely models in the shimmery dresses presented the item up with the grace of a seasoned professional. I could see the wheels turning in the minds of the contestants, desperately trying to one up the person next to them. Bidding is a cutthroat thing, you know? One lady's face was telling on her. Her forehead was scrunched up, nerves were failing her. No amount of bling on her shirt could deter me from seeing that, unfortunately.

Bob slowly called out the real price. Things went nuts. The winning bidder thought it was his/her job to do a personalized dance for Bob before they could get on the show. Forget America's Funniest Home Videos, they might end up in the hospital.

Play time was over. It was time to win...something....anything! The man's eyes lit up as his eyes darted to the left and saw a treadmill and a bench press. Behind Door 2 was car! This is a classic yet much loved-dare I say crazed for-gift. People pull out all of the stops. An award winning smile just won't do it for this. As he calms down, the reality sets in that he and he alone had to make the decision. His eyes were searching the crowd as he pleaded with the audience to guide him in the right direction. $25,000? $27,500? I think he settled somewhere in the middle.

Bob told us to come back after the break. Granny immediately chimed in with her thoughts. "I wonder if it comes with any extras?" Digging deep into her memory bank, she tried to remember what cars have appraised at on past shows. But, that was hopeless. Granny watches Price is Right for the pure enjoyment of seeing people win things and make fools of themselves. I must admit, it is quite entertaining.

He comes back on. Building up excitement for the Final Showcase, he does a recap of what people have won. The man takes his place at the glittery podium, the woman joins him. I like to call this the Battle of the Bargainers. We watched intently as each one was presented. Granny picked the one with the car and hot tub while I picked the trip to Brazil. My wheels were turning as I tried to estimate what the price was...the top price for each item. Price is Right isn't fooling anyone. They get there items appraised at the top end. The man heaved a heavy sigh into the skinny black microphone. Beads of sweat were slowly forming on his forehead. The man bid somewhere around $37,000, and the woman bid $54,000....I think. Bob wasn't showing any emotion as the bids were given with a shaky confidence. I was quiet. I was thinking.

Bob interrupted my thoughts of Mexican fiestas, brightly colored sombreros, and markets full of handcrafted purses bowls, and dresses. "We'll be right back!" Man, why do we have commercials, I thought. Granny changed her bid about three times over the break. I was ready to hear it. Who had won it all? The man had gotten an ego boost over the break and was sure he'd won. When Bob told him he had overbid by a couple thousand dollars, he was crushed. Gone were the dreams of traveling on the open road, music blaring and carefree.

This meant the woman had woman her trip! She was floored. Out of nowhere, a seemingly diverse group of "cheerleaders" flooded the pristine white stage. This wrapped up another episode of Price is Right.