Monday, June 13, 2016

Freewriting Day 18: Awaken Me

Awaken me so that I can see

Awaken my senses so that I can feel
I am tired of thinking what I've seen is real

Nothing is normal
Awaken me to the reality 
Open me so that I can be clean

I've been blind
I've been chained
Confined to what I think is right
Bound by my own shame

Reveal the real
Reveal my inward parts
Get to the root
Get to my heart

Is it still beating?
Is it full of life?
Sometimes I wonder if it's just pumping because that's its function

I want to live
I want to be free
Awaken me
Awaken me

Awaken me from my slumber
Shake me from my stupor
Show me who is real
Show me what's worth living for