Friday, June 10, 2016

Freewriting Day 17: Quiet the Voices

Quiet the voices that say you're not good enough

Quiet the voices that say you don't measure up

Stop entertaining those negative thoughts
The ones that say you've hit a brick wall
You can't go any farther
You're stuck here

Stop believing that
Pull yourself out of that bad head space
Look at all of the good things in your life

Yes, time marches on
Things change
You've changed
But realize that is not a bad thing

You are wiser
You are stronger now
You wouldn't want to go back in time even if you could
Because you wouldn't have the things you have now

You wouldn't have the people you have in your life now
Your heart wouldn't be as full

Despite what others say and what you believe, you have made things happen
You've turned your dreams into realities
You are making a difference