Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Freewriting Day 7: In His Image

Letting go of what you see in the mirror

Looking past what you see
You are not who you're gonna be

You're not broken
You're not a failure
You're not ugly

You are a work in progress
Created in His image
In case you didn't know, He's not finished with you yet!

You are beautiful
He'll make something out of the mess
Rising from the ashes
Tall and proud

You are strong
You haven't quit
You're making things happen
Even if it's baby steps

You don't climb a mountain in a second
It takes time
It takes work

Persistance means seeing something through until the end
Just keep pushing
Just keep believing 

Believing in yourself
You can do it
You already have
You just can't see it

The work is happening on the inside
Little by little, you are learning to love yourself