Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blue Jeans and Rain Boots

Boots © Jean Scheijen via

My oldest nephew has been wearing some insulated boots everywhere after school. They were only meant to be worn when it's really cold. It's spring time and he insisted on wearing his boots. So, we bought him another pair of rain boots so he wouldn't be so hot.

"Do you like wearing your rain boots because Daddy wears boots?" I asked.


The funny thing is he wanted to wear them with pants. And not just any pants! Mason said, "I want to wear long pants!"

Mama and I tried to tell him that it's hot outside. "Don't you want to wear shorts?" His answer was still no.

We found one pair of long pants. He smiled after putting them on and stomped off in his blue rain boots to go ride the golf cart.

Before the boys left for church, Mason decided he didn't want to wear those pants anymore. "I want to wear blue ones with holes," he said.

I didn't know if we had any blue pants here at our house. After searching, we did have a pair of blue pants...and they had holes!

I laughed. Mason was content as can be with his blue jeans and rain boots. 

His Daddy wears blue jeans and cowboy boots. Mason just wanted to dress like Daddy.

After he left, I was inspired to write. Oh, to be a kid again and have all of my problems solved by blue jeans and rain boots!