Monday, December 07, 2015

Celebrating International Day of the Girl with Teza Technologies

Molly Bukowski, Director of Special Projects at Teza Technologies, contacted me a few months ago and asked me to post something in honor of International Day of the Girl. While International Day of the Girl was October 1st, Teza Technologies and I believe women should be celebrated more than one day of the year!

International Day of the Girl is a holiday committed to celebrating the successes and opportunities available to girls all over the world. Teza Technologies CEO Misha Malyshev believes that everyday should be the Day of the Girl in order to celebrate their successes in life. These opportunities pertain to everything in life, but Teza Technologies wants to celebrate the women in science, technology, engineering, and math(STEM).

There are many reasons women should be celebrated. A woman's strength is unmatched. Just her presence alone changes the atmosphere around her. This is especially true in science, technology, engineering and math because women are not often in these industries. I believe a woman's perspective is needed in every field of the workforce.

Women should be celebrated because they know what it means to be selfless. They often put others needs before their own. Working in science, as part of a team to find a cure for cancer, is one of those instances that you need to be selfless. When working as part of team, you have to give up the need to be right so even greater things can be accomplished.

Women who work in any STEM occupation are fearless. They aren't afraid to challenge societal norms. They see no limits, only opportunities.

I am thankful that my high school now has STEM classes that feature women in film production and technology, health occupations, and a math club.

Women, you are helping to change the world! I salute you!