Monday, December 28, 2015

Be a Friend by Edgar Guest

Be a friend. You don't need money;

Just a disposition sunny;

Just the wish to help another

Get along some way or other;

Just a kindly hand extended

Out to one who's unbefriended;

Just the will to give or lend,

This will make you someone's friend.

Be a friend. You don't need glory.

Friendship is a simple story.

Pass by trifling errors blindly,

Gaze on honest effort kindly,

Cheer the youth who's bravely trying,

Pity him who's sadly sighing;

Just a little labor spend

On the duties of a friend.

Be a friend. The pay is bigger(Though not written by a figure)

Than is earned by people clever

In what's merely self-endeavor.

You'll have friends instead of neighbors

For the profits of your labors;

You'll be richer in the end

Than a prince, if you're a friend.

I decided to share this in honor of a friend who is going through a physical struggle. Sometimes we all need a friend just to listen. By that I mean, no interrupting, just being there for the other person. I get so much joy from helping others. Words of encouragement have carried me through some of my darkest times, so I try to repay the favor as often as possible.