Friday, June 12, 2015

Persistence Means Something

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I am having trouble being content with where I am physically. I am doing far more than I was a year ago for sure.

"But I just want to get up (from my wheelchair) and start walking a lot. I want to get up and tell my body 'Let's go!' I said to Mama.
"You should be content with what you are doing now," she said.

I should be, but I know what I could be doing. I could be walking several days a week. I could be chasing my nephews around. I could be...

How many times do we let the "could be's" in life stop us from seeing and celebrating what we ARE already doing?

I am walking with my walker some.
I am sitting up more.
I am able to do some simple exercises.
I am working on my book.
I am helping more at church.

I am making progress. I am being consistent with doing all that I know to do. I know that at this stage in life it's not about how much I do, it's about continuously doing the little things. Even though it doesn't seem like a lot, every movement I make is making me stronger. I am getting more stable. 

As a friend recently said, "It's better to do a little bit consistently than to do a whole lot every once in awhile."

Persistence means something. It means you have stuck to your goals no matter what. The definition of persistence is firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Continue on in your fight, friend! Those who don't give up ALWAYS win!


tam7777 said...

It's called perseverance. It's not for the faint at heart. God gives us the grace to get up everyday, and push through our obstacles. You are going from glory to glory regardless of what it looks like. We are fighters, we don't quit til we win. Love you sweetie