Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some Peaches Make It, Some Don't

With spring comes new life,

Old things die off.

The grass is green and the flowers bloom,
But I may not share my peaches with you.

Peaches and me go way back.
Down on a country road,
They were lined up in rows.

Mama pruned and plucked,
Leaving only the best branches.

After waiting, those glorious peaches 
Delighted my soul.

So when we moved,
And had to leave them behind,
I was mad!

No more peach ice cream,
Freshly churned.
We didn't eat the store bought stuff, no sir!

Years passed and our yard was bare.
No fruit trees laden with buds.
No promise of brighter days.

But, one day, Mama planted some new peach trees!
Our summers were filled with the sweet aroma.
My stomach was content once more.

Suddenly, Mama looked outside.
One day, the peach tree didn't thrive.
A hole was in the trunk, so black. So dark.

If you pressed on it, the trunk creaked under the pressure.
The roots were visible from the surface, no longer producing life.

The tree was just standing there.
A reminder of what once was.

Some people are like that peach tree.
At one time you were vibrant, full, and free.
Growing and reaching for greater heights,
Aiming for the light.

Life happens,
Your heart grows cold,
You feel that you are not vital anymore.

In that time, your stability weakens.
The place that once gave you strength you abandon.
Recoiling and shrinking further,
You have lost your passion.

Dust to dust,
Ashes to ashes,
Will you accept the lie that you never mattered?