Thursday, April 30, 2015

In my Skin

For a long time, I was not comfortable in my skin.

I was too tall, too thin,
I just did not fit in.

One day, I told a close friend that I was ugly,
She said, "I better never hear you say that again."

When I got sick, the feeling was compounded.
My smile never left, but the fire inside of me was quenched.

I didn't look healthy.
I was frail and thin because of health issues.
But the thing that I had to fight the most wasn't my body, it was the thoughts within.

Would the agony ever end?

Since that day, I have been on a journey to love myself in my skin.
Not changing with every fad,
Not wearing much makeup.

I prefer cardigans and tanks to mini dresses.
I have never wanted to be the center of attention.

I finally love me for me,
In spite of what I've said and done.

Now when I look at myself in the mirror,
I am content.
I know I will never be like the images in magazines.
That's okay.

I am imperfectly me.
Broken and scarred.
Stronger and wiser.
I am an overcomer.

For those young women who aren't happy with their reflection in the mirror, it is true. There will never be anyone like you. Stand out! Be proud of who you are and don't waste time picking out every little flaw. It's not worth it.