Thursday, March 19, 2015


Airplane window © olemexico via

This is a poem about observing things around you.

As I looked out at the sky,
I saw it
A fiery orange sunset lighting up the night.

I observed it for about twenty minutes
Cars sped by,
But my eyes were fixed on the show in the sky.

Lilac covered some parts,
And a dusty blue mottled the top.

Looking to my right,
I couldn't help but notice a dividing line.

This sight wasn't covered in crimson and purples,
It was dark and quite mysterious.

The dividing line between the two sides
Was also the connector.

The dark purple line that contrasted against the orange 
Blended into to the bluish gray hue
It didn't bid a welcoming hello.

Instead, it left me searching amid the black trees
Peeking out behind the branches
It was quite a scene.

It reminded me of two people
One hot and the other cold
Showy and bold.
Quiet. Reserved, Dark.
But often, there is a connecting line holding them together

The longer I stared,
The more the scene changed,
The bright colors faded 
Changing from intense to warm

Somehow both scenes blended in the sky
Before disappearing, gone in the night 

This is what I observed on a quiet night of waiting and watching.