Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From the Heart

I hear Your whisper, I need to find my refuge in You.

I don't know what the next step is,
So many twists and turns,
My head spins

And then I remember
You are faithful,
You change not,
You carry me when I can't find the strength to rise.

Hear my cry,
I need you now.
I need your help.
Rescue me from myself.

Thoughts bombard my mind.
What will I do?
Where will I turn?

In the stillness, I am reminded of your promises.
You haven't failed me yet.
You've always provided.
I choose to trust You.

I don't have to know the answer
Just have know that You do.
You have my best interests at heart.
I will follow You.

Lead me, Lord.
Reveal Your truths.
I want to know You in all of Your glory.
I want to know the depths of your love.

I surrender.
I surrender to Your voice.
I will obey.
I will lay down my life once again.
I give You all of me.