Monday, October 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes

Curtain in front of lighted window © domiwo via

You put one foot in front of the other.
You dutifully do your work behind closed doors.
Pressing on, day after day.

No one sees behind the scenes.
No ones knows what's behind the smile.
You wonder if it's even worth it, should you try at all?

Your mind has drifted, feet are well past the tired stage.
The ache seems to seep from your pores

Can anyone see?

Does anyone care?

Anyone? Anywhere?

All at once behind the scenes, someone peels back the curtain
Daring to get a glimpse inside

Longing to know the person 
Let them know they see

Without so much as a word, only a smile
The room brightens

The weight lifted
Finally! Someone saw behind the scenes
Someone saw the real me

I am finally free

Free from thoughts
Free from fear
No more facade, I choose to be real

Because in front of me is someone willing to bear the burden with me
I slip my arm out from underneath the baggage
Knowing that I don't have to carry it

The light grows dim
That's my signal to go

And I take one last look
There in the corner are the boulders, piled high

I feel light
Strong as the wind

I let go
The pain didn't win

You may not know my story
You may not care

But today, I leave all the baggage behind the scenes
Choosing to embrace me

Branching out, breaking forth
No longer crushed 
Despite what you think

You are loved.