Monday, February 03, 2014

Remembering Saturday

Since this is my personal journal, I want to write down memories not only so I don't forget them, but also to preserve them for my family.

This past Saturday started off kind of bad. I've been battling a severe bacterial infection of my sinuses for over a month, almost two, really. I just finished my third round of antibiotics yesterday, including predinsone.

But that evening, my mom and kept my nephew. He's two-and-a-half and is the light of my life. I love him with everything in me. He came in my room, snuggled up under the covers, and gave me the sweetest little grin as I pulled up a Monster Jam video on YouTube. A few minutes into the video, he told me, "I wuv ou". I melted right there, almost tearing up. This was the first time he said that to me, totally unprompted. I've always told him I love you, and he would say it back. 

Those three little words made my night! You see, I was watching a new movie on Hallmark when he came into my room wanting to watch tractors. I could have kept watching my show, but I didn't. Just taking a few minutes to give him my undivided attention meant I got the greatest gift ever. "I wuv ou."

 Go outside and let the sunshine warm your face.

Stop and read a book with your nephew.

I wish I could bottle up his sweet innocent laughter because I instantly forget my pains. 

I'm so glad I take time to go in the living room to "beat trees" with Mason. He takes his hammer and knocks one of the little wooden trees over. I take the other hammer and knock down the other one.

I love to teach Mason new things. Recently, he was beating the kitchen floor with his hammer. I said, "That's loud! I'm going to close my ears." Mason moved to the carpet and said, "is(This) not loud." I said, "That's right!"

It wasn't long before he went back to happily beating on the kitchen floor. :)

Don't get so busy with life that you forget to stop and enjoy it. Who knows an ordinary Saturday may turn out to be one to remember.