Monday, February 24, 2014

AFO Leg Brace Woes

Well, as some of you know who follow me on Facebook, I was going to try and wear the brace for my foot an hour a day to hopefully minimize bruising and redness. Let's just say that didn't work out too well. I've been wearing it to walk once a week. This is much less than I wanted, but it's all I can handle. 

My feet have always been very sensitive, and wearing braces just intensifies that problem. It's just not designed to bend with my ankle as my others have been, so it feels like I'm lugging around a cast. So, in order to avoid weekly trips to Gainesville that are about an hour and a half each way, I've just been wearing it once a week.

Recovery from my foot surgery is going well. I bought some flat Crocs as my doctor suggested, but still can't wear them due to the swelling. I will get there! It's just taking time. 

Recently, my left foot (the one I had surgery on) has been hurting in the arch and heel. It even started doing it while wearing tennis shoes. On Saturday and Sunday, I had to take my shoe off to get relief. It was red, and it shouldn't have been. The only thing that could have caused it is my new heel lift that I got in January. I wanted my orthotist to make softer one. When my mom looked at it closely, she realized it's not completely flat on one side, and it's crooked. This would make anyone's foot hurt! So, after a day or so, I'm going to dig out my old heel lift and use it again. You definitely live and learn with these things. I just assumed my orthotist knew what he was doing. I've been proved wrong twice. 

Thankful I see my surgeon on March 24th!