Friday, October 11, 2013

Raw Footage

It's been two weeks since my surgery, and I'm doing good. My doctor is pleased so I am very happy that things are healing well and there are no signs of infection. I have four more weeks of no weight bearing on my left foot. 

I thought I would share some pictures my mom took on my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. WARNING: If you have a squeamish stomach, you will probably want to stop reading now. 

I'm sharing these images in the hopes of showing every side of my recovery. It's raw, real, and unedited. The yellow color on my feet and toes is the cleaning solution used on my wounds when I go to the doctor. I am limited to sponge baths right now because the cast can't get wet.

big toe fusion, incision, steri strips, post-op scar

heel cord incision, steri strips, foot surgery

This last picture shows two small incisions on my heel where the Achilles tendon was lengthened. 


Miranda said...

Girl...I'm praying for you. This does not bring me comfort for when I have to have my foot surgery. I have a foot drop because of nerve damage from when I damaged my knee in an accident involving washing my dogs. I have to get a tendon transfer in my left foot eventually. The foot drop fix is going to be my second surgery though...the first is going to be to repair the 3 torn ligaments in my knee and the torn yeah that looks painful girl and like I said you are in my prayers!