Sunday, September 30, 2012

Catch Up and Unexpected News

So many things have been going on in my life lately I haven't had time to write on my blog. I've missed it so this is going to be kind of a catch-up post. I have been very busy at my internship, and I absolutely LOVE it! I will finish editing a manuscript this week and have been sending many press releases out to colleges and various print media for the book Military Fly Moms. TV and radio stations are next on the list. By the way Military Fly Moms won the Military Writers Society of America 2012 Creative NonFiction Award! Be sure to like Miltary Fly Moms on Facebook so you can stay updated on what Linda Maloney, the fabulous author, speaker, and mother of two is doing!

In other news, after experiencing pain in my left foot for about 8 months at least (I wrote about a doctor visit here), visting an orthopedic surgeon, and having x-rays done, I finally have an answer thanks to a DIFFERENT orthopedic surgeon. I found out today that I had 3 broken toes and didn't even know it! The doctor says they're healed and aligned right. I will start physical therapy as soon as possible for the swelling that has built up. SO thankful to God for His mercy!!! I can't say enough about His grace because I certainly wouldn't have made it through these past few months filled with tests, senior seminar speech, and publication projects without Him! 

I am still having pain but listening to my body, resting, elevating my feet, etc. I guess I can no longer use the joke that I have never broken anything. It's only been done on purpose by doctors. :) 

To top of this week, I received a letter in the mail saying I am one of thirty-one students at my school nominated to be included in the 2013 edition of Who's Who Among University and Colleges! So honored! Hard work is rewarded. If you are struggling right now, don't give up!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lip Balm Mishap

Last week, I woke up during the night only to realize my lips were really dry. I turned on my light, but couldn't find my lip gloss. Finally, I found a little metal tin of Burt's Bees.

"This must be lip balm." I said to myself. When I opened it, I saw it had never been used. Thinking nothing of it, I rubbed the tip of my finger in it and put it on my lips. They were still dry. I rubbed a little bit more on my finger and coated my lips. Nothing. They were still dry. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw on the tin the word lemon. "That must be a new flavor." I thought to myself.

Getting a little frustrated, I rubbed my finger in the balm several times to make sure I had enough. Rubbing it all over my lips. This should do the trick, I said. When my lips still felt like sandpaper, I knew something was wrong. Flipping the tin over, I read the words lemon CUTICLE butter.

That explains it! No wonder it was at the bottom of my drawer unopened. I found the nearest napkin and began to fiercely rub my lips to remove any trace of that lemon balm. Now awake for sure, I found my trusty Burt's Bees chap stick in my drawer.

I learned my lesson. Never dig around in a drawer when you're half awake because you'll probably regret it later!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Advocating for Another: Wrap Up

Well, I finally squeezed out a little bit of time to do the last post for WEGO Health's advocating for another blog carnival. 

Put a bow on our Advocating for Another week by sharing what you’ll plan to do going forward. Free write or choose one of the bonus ideas.

I have some exciting plans in the works, but  nothing I can share just yet. I am making something that will benefit the disabled community and their friends and family. I'll update as I can! I can promise you don't want to miss it!

I just want to encourage everyone to look for opportunities to help others. If you don't, who will?

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Advocating for Another: The Spark Within

Even though school and life got in the way, I still wanted to finish the advocating for another posts.

Today's post is a letter to my [blogging] community.

After so many surgeries, I lost my spark. When I was younger, I would do anything my brother did. I wouldn't think twice about any limitations. Going to the doctor and experiencing so much pain made me cautious, uncertain about taking steps, rolling over in the bed. Simple things that I wouldn't have batted an eyelash at before. 

I didn't wake up one day and discover my spark was gone. When I had physical issues one right after the other, it began to slip away little by little. I really noticed a difference after my spinal fusion because it took me longer than most people to recover. In all honesty, though, it started the year before when I was in agony 24/7, soaking my pillow in tears because I couldn't sleep with that pain. Just waiting for daylight to shine through my window so I could take some medicine to at least dull the pain somewhat.

It happened when I would have to sit in church services with my TENS unit on 60, the highest setting, with an ice pack because my back hurt so bad.

It happened when I woke up to discover a bright red place on my hip that hurt deep inside of me. It happened because my cousin, who was young at the time, had to see me lay in the bed rather than doing fun stuff with her because I was hurting...but I didn't know why.

It happened after countless pokes from nurses taking blood tests but finding nothing wrong with me. It happened when my mom was told to take me to the ER in Atlanta, spending hours crying waiting for a doctor to see me only to hear them say they had seen nothing like it.

It happened on the way home from Atlanta, when I was throwing up on the intersection with no where to pull off. It happened when I knew something was wrong, and experiencing utter frustration when the residents on call in the hospital thought I was crazy.

It's so important that we don't let a disability or our circumstances cause us to be a shell of our former selves. I've spent a lot of time trying to get back to the person I was. I've missed the girl who was full of spunk. I've missed the girl who would take a hard fall, and jump back up with a bleeding elbow and go right back to playing outside. I've missed the girl who had a zest for life. After this weekend, I've made a conscious decision to get her back. I'll share more about that later. All I can say is "Watch out world, Madison is back!"