Monday, July 30, 2012

Adventures in Athens with Mom

My mom and I decided to go to Athens to try some places our friends had recommended or went to.

The first place was Your Pie, a pizza place that lets you make pizza any way you want. The way it was set up reminded me and my mom of Subway. The best part was the brick oven. By the time we got our drinks, our pizza was done!

We chose to make ours with sausage, cheese, and mushrooms. We also put onions on one half with the other toppings. I liked the fact that the toppings didn't get melted together so much that they were mushy.

The second place we stopped at was Menchie's frozen yogurt. Some friends of ours had tried this place and my mom and I wanted to see if it compared to Sweet Monkey.  I got pomegranate raspberry tart mixed with Georgia peach, topped with granola and pecans. While Menchie's doesn't have nearly as many flavors as Sweet Monkey, it was okay. I really liked the fact you could purchase a carton to go!

This next place was kind of spur of the moment. I spotted a sing for Gigi's cupcakes out of the corner of my eye on the way home. Since we don't go to Athens much, we decided to stop.

We tend not to like overly sweet desserts. I'm glad we only got one cupcake because it was RICH, as we say in the South. :)

We chose the salted caramel and chocolate cupcake. It was good, but I could only eat a little bit. The saltiness was a nice contrast to all of the chocolate. There was even chocolate inside the cupcake! Overall, a great day in Athens with my mom!

What are some of YOUR favorite places in Athens?


Meg said...

I'll have to give Sweet Monkey a try!

tam7777 said...

I loved going to new places. So much fun.