Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Birthday Gift Ever!

My mom gave me the most awesome gift for my 22nd birthday a few weeks ago: A 30 minute massage!  I had never had a massage, but I know how much it helped my mom when her back was hurting.  As it got closer to my appointment with Kayla from Absolute Muscular Care in my hometown, I became more and more excited because I'd I had almost forgotten what it was like to live without neck pain! My neck had been hurting for months with no relief. I couldn't even sleep good at night because of it. After visiting Kayla, I have noticed a TREMENDOUS difference!  I have slept better ever since my visit! 

I didn't have the typical massage, though. I had something called the CranioSacral massage that is designed to help migranes, fibromyalgia, and even childhood disorders like cerebral palsy! Click this link to learn more about it. I couldn't believe there was a massage designed just for me! 
Anyway, I just had to share this with everyone.  Kayla didn't not ask me to write a review.  I just believe in sharing good stuff!  If you live in my hometown, I highly recommend her!