Friday, November 04, 2011

Still Going Strong

Well, another week has come and gone.  If you're a fan of my facebook page, you will know that I have been extremely busy with school.  I'm so glad it's the weekend because I haven't felt the best.  Even this morning, I could have easily stayed home from school because I was feeling nauseous.  I went on anyway because I know that each hour I'm there means I'm one step closer to graduating. I also know I can't learn anything at home. 

I'm still recuperating from the costume party because I was up pretty much ALL day, including school for several hours. But, I'm moving along.  I can't stay down long.  I guess I'm just writing to get this out.  I have been kind of down. 

After spending time in  prayer and worship tonight in my room, I feel a lot better.  I didn't even have any music. It was just me telling Jesus how much I love Him and how thankful I am He has never deserted me even when I am snappy and tired.  There's nothing like the presence of Jesus.  He is my rock.


tam7777 said...

Your strength always comes from him and he will never let you down.