Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making my Mark: Never Too Late

Some say you can't make your mark when your older

You've waited too late to do anything worthwhile 
Why even try?
The world is moving at a rapid pace, people will give you the cold shoulder

Don't listen to them
Turn away from their shouts of doubt
You can make a difference
One word is all it takes

Give it a try
An act of kindness
A word of encouragement to let someone know you care
Is enough to pull them from the pit of despair

It's never too late to make a change
Even if you're old and gray
Just make a choice to get beyond your comfort zone
Great things can happen when you venture into the unknown!


tam7777 said...

You are so right about never being to old or to young to learn. I have found out I learn something new all the time. To me if I'm not learning then something inside of me is dying and I do not want that to happen. Love you girl