Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the Quiet Time

This is a poem I wrote during my church's seeking time.  It's a time we set aside to pray and seek God with other believers.   

In the quiet time, I sit alone;
The familiar whirring of the computer is all I hear.
I am alone with my thoughts, or so it seems.
I feel a tugging in my heart; He is calling me.

In the quiet time, God speaks.
I am able to listen, soaking in His awesome presence
I am only one person, yet the Alpha and Omega talks with me.

 In the quiet time, I am reassured.
He gives me a clearer vision of the path I’m on.
As I see more, I’m overcome with peace.
Jehovah Jireh is all I need.

In the quiet time, I realize even more it’s not about me.
There are people wandering in darkness, unable to see.
God nudges me to pray for them.
I say, “Lord, let Your light shine through the shadows that hide their destiny.”
I stand in awe of The Great I Am because He continually uses me.