Friday, April 15, 2011

A Digital Story about NYC

As promised, I'm going to share the digital story that a fellow classmate and I have been working on with an education major at our school for about the past month. A digital story is a short video with narration and special effects, thanks to iMovie. We edited the pictures in Photoshop and created the pages using a software called InDesign. (If you've never heard of InDesign, I highly recommend it for creating brochures, magazines, etc.)

Our education major loved history, so we incorporated different landmarks in New York City throughout our story. The story is called My Trip to the Big Apple. Bobby and his family decide to take a trip to NYC over the summer, and now he is telling his class all about it! Click the link to read it!

This was a fun, yet sometimes stressful project that combined communication with multimedia. I'm really pleased with the finished product, though. :)


tam7777 said...

This is so great. Technology has advanced so much.

The Blonde Duck said...

It looks like a great project!