Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looking into the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I think I look like a big round ball

I feel so alone

It's almost like I'm in a twilight zone

Stupid, stupid mirror how I wish you would fall!

This is a limerick that my mom and I came up with today as we were talking about body image. How many times in have we looked in the mirror and hated our reflection? Sometimes what we see in the mirror and the reality of things is so much different. I compared it to one of those fun house mirrors that distorts the true image. That image may make your face look huge, when you actually look just fine.

"Mama, if you asked me what you look like, I would tell you that you look fine," I told her. So many times we all get caught up in a tangled web of what we think is the truth. I think it's a mental thing, too. I know people who have lost weight but still see themselves as that heavy person. No matter how many compliments they get or new outfits they buy, they can't seem to shake that picture they have in their head. Sometimes, if we just step away from the mirror and get a fresh perspective, we will realize we were wrong the whole time!

Have you ever hated your mirror?

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tam7777 said...

Yes I have hated my mirror. I know I should not, but my view gets distorted at times. Forgive me Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh yes I have hated that mirror but the older I get the more I am appreciating the skin I am in.
What a profound poem the 2 of you came up real!

Bethe77 said...

Yes! I have hated my mriiror more times then I can count Im sure. Lately more often then not.
But I also use ot as guide in what I need to improve on a a person as I try and reflect teh imagine of God!
Im here from Red Head riter

Home In The Hollow said...

A mirror? "It's all in how you see yourself that matters."...remember that always. I did & do...:)JP