Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Post: Laying Your Life Down

Today we have a guest poster. Some of you may read her blog Dance, Dance, Dance. It is none other than my mom. You all get to hear things from my perspective, but I thought I would let her share some of her thoughts today.

I know what your thinking I would lay my life down for my brother, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend and the list could go on and on. As much as we could comprehend that phrase we would. The year was 1989, and I gave birth to twins. They were three months early so this is where another part of my journey begins of me laying down my life. I had no idea at the time of their birth what would transpire over the next twenty one years. All I knew was that ever since I was a little girl I wanted children. I wanted the best life that I could give them. Since they were premature there was all kinds of complications. My son came home on a ventilator and heart monitor. My daughter had a mild case of cerebral palsy. The doctors told me all kinds of facts about premature children. I was determined for them to have the best life possible.

Let's go forward twenty one years. My son drives and is expecting his first child in May. My daughter is in her third year of college. She has been in a wheelchair for the past few years, which has been a tough road for both of us. I commute her back and forth to college. Laying down means your life what it says, you lay down your life everyday for someone else. At times it has not been easy, but that didn't mean I gave up on my son or daughter. That just means I died to what I wanted even more.

It says in the Bible to live is to die. In doing this I have learned how to love on a whole different level. All the fruits of the Spirit have went to a whole new level in my life. When I talk about fruits of the Spirit I am talking about patience, love, my time and the list goes on. How much patience would you have if you didn't see any results six months or even a year? I have been in this place. I'm stretched everyday, and which is a good thing because it means I can keep on growing.

God sent his son to lay down his life for us. How much more should we lay our lives down for our brothers and sisters in Christ. I challenge you this week to examine yourself to see how you are laying your lives down.