Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Memories Rewind: From Scribbles to Smooth Strokes

As a child, I struggled learning how to write in cursive because of cerebral palsy. I would stay after school with my precious third grade teacher for at least an hour working on making a cursive "h".

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't make my pencil form the hump in the letter. I was beyond frustrated with myself! My teacher would always pat me on the back at the end of each study session. "You'll get it one of these afternoons," she would say with a smile.

Mama bought me some writing books so I could practice my letters. I was somewhat excited at the possibility of getting better yet also nervous because my previous attempts had ended with me in tears at times.

Despite my frustrations, I would get into a comfortable spot on the couch every night after I finished my homework and practice writing. I could see some letters start to form in the midst of the mess. "Look, Mama!" I said barely able to contain my excitement. She was smiling and encouraged me to keep practicing.

After several weeks of working hard, my letters were looking pretty good. I couldn't wait to show my teacher! Now, I get many compliments on my handwriting. It took a lot of patience and encouragement from those around me, though.

Don't give up because you never know when a rainbow [of pretty flowing letters] is right around the corner!


tam7777 said...

Practice makes us better.

Sarah Stokes said...

Thanks for stopping by :) I actually had nothing to do with naming my Princess Brynlee! I told my husband to surprise me with a cool name, and Brynlee it was!!