Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't be so Serious

I have some things on my mind, so here it goes.

If you were to ask people who know me to describe me in one word, it would probably be serious. If they didn't mention that one first, it would be in the top three things I'm sure. It's one of the things I dislike about myself sometimes, such as when I'm giving a speech. Other times, it is one of my best qualities because I can focus on a task and see it through to completion.

I'm not quite sure how to change it, though. I guess I lost some of of that fun, carefree nature when I had to go through surgeries as a young child. Basically, I had to be tough. While others were worrying about what kind of outfit they were going to wear the next day, I had doctor's appointments.

Today, I'm just a little frustrated. I never want to come across as not approachable, yet sometimes I feel like that's exactly what happens. One good thing about reflecting on things is that I know what I need to work on. I know I'm a work in progress....sometimes I just wish things would happen quicker.


tam7777 said...

I use to be like you and now I am serious and funny Sooooooooooooo your time is coming to be funny and free.