Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seemingly Off Course

I will try to get a Memories Rewind post up this weekend. I haven't forgotten, but I've just been extremely tired when I come home from school.

On the way to school, I had this image in my mind of someone running but they have no idea where they are going. They pass trees and hills, getting more confused by the second. Have you ever felt this way? I know I have.

A few years ago, I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life. The problem was I didn't know how I was going to get there...or even when. Countless "detours" came into my path. Surgeries, illness, and injuries were my life for a few years. Suddenly, the plan for my life shifted a bit. It was no longer about how much I could do in a day, it was just about getting through the day with my attitude intact. To be honest, I didn't always accomplish that goal. I got frustrated, lonely, and depressed.

I put detours in quotation marks on purpose. Those things were meant to veer me off the path for my life, but they didn't. In all seriousness, they actually helped me to grow in ways I could have never imagined.

During that time, I started writing more like I did when I was younger. During the day, I had this overwhelming desire to put my thoughts, feelings, and dreams down somewhere. Back then, I had no idea anyone would ever read it. I'm so thankful that I did because now I have an online journal of my life. I'm still on the path that I started so many years ago, but it may take me a little longer to get there. The important thing is I didn't stop moving. I let my frustrations, fears, and every emotion under the sun propel me to do something more.

I would encourage each of you to do the same. If you are at a point in your life that you don't know which direction is up, keep moving. A common saying is, "God said if you will take one step, He will take two."


Meg said...

I am SO at this point right now. I know God has so many awesome plans for me but I've just tried to hold the reigns for too long. I'm really trying hard to let go and let God take control. Great post!