Monday, November 22, 2010

Still Learning

I'm in the homestretch as I countdown the end of this semester. I have two group projects to film today, a speech, and then finals. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I've learned a lot about communication and designing publications, but most of all I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned that I can do things that seem impossible if I'll tackle them one page at a time.

I've learned that everything has a way of working out in the end. Countless times this semester, I've been frazzled and stressed. But, everything always comes together when I give it to Him. Why is it so hard to do sometimes? We know God knows what to do, yet we think we've got everything under control.

I've learned that you learn a lot about others in the midst of stressful situations. Some people stick it out with you, while some hide away in the rooms away from reality.

I've learned to trust even more in the grace that God gives each day. Just when I think God can't get any more awesome than He already is, He does. He comforts me when I'm stressed, He provides encouragement from the most unlikely places, and He is continually helping me see what I can be through Him.

One of the most profound things I've learned during this semester is delay is not denial. My mom said this after one of my doctor's appointments didn't go as planned. This phrase has echoed in my mind many times since that day to remind me that just because something doesn't happen when I think it should, doesn't mean it won't happen.

Whether you're a student like me or an employee, what have you learned in these past few months?


The Blonde Duck said...

I was forced to resign from my job yesterday, so I'm learning to accept I have no idea what I'll do.

The Blonde Duck said...

Have a wonderful Thanskgiving!