Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Memories Rewind: Nine Dollars

I went down to my Papa's house and ran up to the door. "Papa, guess where I'm going?"

"Where?" he asked. "I'm going to Wal-M@rt to get my ears pierced!" I said excitedly.

He was a little skeptical at first since I was only nine years old at the time. He fished around in his pockets and handed me some money. "Well, here's $9, but you better come back with your ears pierced."

"I will, Papa! Don't worry!" I assured him. When I got to the jewelry section, Mama told me I needed to pick out some earrings first. I scanned the options and settled on a pair of little studs.

I climbed up on the seat in anticipation of getting those sparkly earrings. After cleaning my ear, the earring was in my ear. "That wasn't so bad" I thought to myself.

Well, I didn't know whether to be nervous or excited because we were almost done. I knew what to expect, so I tried not to get too nervous.

Before I knew it, my ears were red, but they had earrings in them! I couldn't wait to match my earrings with my bracelets and rings.

As soon as I got home, I couldn't wait to show my Papa. Always the teaser, he said, "Whatcha got there?" I'm sure I rolled my eyes at this point while explaining to him that I got my ears pierced just like I said I would. "Woo! Let me see those things!" he said. "Those sure are pretty."

As I left, I wrapped my arms around his waist and thanked him for the money. It wasn't much, but it sure brought me a lot of happiness.

Have you ever had something simple that made you happy?