Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Memories Rewind: Halloween Our Way

Mama and I were on our way to pick out a Halloween costume for her character at church. I skipped through the aisles looking at the costumes. There were scary goblins and witches for those who wanted a little fright in their Halloween plans. Then, you had Dorothy from Wizard of Oz or Cleopatra. The possibilities were endless at this store!

When I turned around, Mama had put on a colorful wig. It was hilarious! But, I have to admit I was a little embarrassed at first. :)

Then, she put on a mask and burst into a song that she just made up on the spot. We had our own fun right there in the store. I loved that my mom didn't care what anyone thought about her dancing around and having fun with me in the store.

Before we knew it, we had been in there for over an hour trying on funny glasses, hats, and the like. I spotted a feather boa and just had to try it on. I guess the creative juices of Halloween had finally found their way to me. I looked pretty awesome with my pink boa and capris if I do say so myself.

We left with a neon green wig because we didn't find exactly what she was looking for at that store (She did find a costume eventually), but we had lots of fun acting silly!

What fun memories of Halloween do you have?


Barbara said...

Awesome. I had such a warming visual =). My brightest Halloween memory thus far, is of a couple of years ago when my daughter and I had themed costumes. She was Batgirl and I was Catwoman. We had so much fun!

tam7777 said...

Girls just want to have funnnnnnnnnnn!