Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Memories Rewind: The Flower Garden

This is a journal entry that was published in my middle school literary magazine. Please ignore any errors. I was a sixth grader when I wrote this. :)

Dear Journal, 1/29/02

I enjoy looking at my grandmother's flower garden when I go to visit her. When people look at her flower garden they just see beautiful flowers surrounding them. I see that, too, just much more than that. When I gaze out into her flower garden, I see all all the different colors and textures of each flower. She may have a whole bunch of the same kind of flowers in a group; each one is unique in its own way, just like people. Some of them have red on them with tints of white on the edges to draw the attention of the person or thing looking at it.

In my mind, I see each flower trying to outdo the other. They are very beautiful, my favorite one is the one I just described called, Double Delight. Others are bright pink with long sturdy stems for support.

Everywhere you look you see flowers! My grandmother has flower baskets in shady places. My grandmother loves vibrant colored flowers! They bring life into her yard. I couldn't imagine her yard without flowers somewhere in it because I have been around them so long!

Another thing I see in her yard is all the time and work that my grandmother and grandfather have put into their yard. Don't think that my grandfather gets left out of the work, Grandmother has to have his help, too!

I also see green shrubs around my grandmother's yard, and when they bloom in the Spring, you would have thought that they started out as little green plants! People are the same way. We start out as little babies and as time passes, we begin to grow and mature (I hope!)

Everything is a process. Flowers don't grow into big and beautiful flowers over night. It takes time, water, and sun to make them grow. It's the same way for people. When we are little, we need to be taken care of, loved, and nurtured in order to grow. At the end of this process, both come out strong and healthy.


Meg said...

So So true about comparing people to flowers-great observation!