Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Step at a Time

The teachers gathered the teens and said we were going on an the woods. They explained the rules. Everyone had to have a buddy with them and we had to find our way back by working together. Note: This was a well-facilitated group exercise with many teachers and adults around.

Mrs. Stephanie and I started off just trying too get a feel for the area. Soon, we came to an area that forced us to decide which direction we were going to take. Left or right. The pine needles underfoot were no help. No one had paved the way for us. We choose one and continued on the path.

Time rocked on. I wondered if we were any closer to the church. I had no idea where we were. I just knew we had to keep going. Let's just say my legs had other plans. They were throbbing in pain because they weren't used to being used that much. I trudged on. The pain became more intense so I leaned into my crutches even more. "Do we need to stop and rest?" Mrs Stephanie. asked. "No," I said emphatically. Not now.

Weary from the walking, I didn't say much. I was tired. In my laziness, I failed to see a stick up ahead. My leg crumbled underneath me because of the little roadblock. Mrs. Stephanie. gripped my body tighter, holding me up as we went. I leaned into her shoulder determined not to make her carry all of the weight.

Little did we know, Mr. Bev was sent out to make sure we were OK. We were so focused on finishing we didn't even know he was 10 feet away from us. When I saw the Teen building, I knew we had almost made it. "Don't give up now,"I told myself. That would be ridiculous! Mr. Andy said, "Stephanie and Madison have entered the building. Give them a round of applause!" A huge smile crept across my face at the thought of what we had accomplished.

Sometimes we wander aimlessly through life thinking our knowledge is enough to sustain us. Then, circumstances arise that force us to choose our next step. Doubt or Faith? Love or Anger? We can't go through this life alone. We must have people in our lives that we can lean on. There is a sweet satisfaction that springs forth from your soul when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

What obstacles do you need to push through?

Image Credit: Microsoft Clip Art