Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving Right Along

School is keeping me incredibly busy. I am learning so much about how magazines and newspapers design their pages. It definitely takes patience!

I'm juggling the workload fairly well, considering my pain. I love being busy because it keeps my mind off the pain. I haven't given an update on the medical side, so I thought I would take time to do that. I've been in a lot of pain these past few weeks, but I'm managing. I go back to the doctor in October to get a shot. I've often heard it's important to keep your routine as normal as possible, and I would agree with that. During a recent conversation with my old orthopaedic surgeon, he said something that really encouraged me: "You have a lot of things left to do in your life!"

I hung up the phone feeling renewed. It's amazing what a few simple words can do to encourage you. I was hurting that day, but I wasn't after we finished talking. I love it when I'm reminded of the big picture. I'm not going to stop living my life just because I have a few bad weeks. The assignments that I have don't magically disappear, so I take a break. Then, I get back to my work. Life isn't always easy, but God's grace is more than enough. I told God, "I'm running on empty today, so I'm going to use some of Your grace and Your strength." His tank is always full.

As humans, we let our pride get in the way of God's blessings. We think we've got everything under control, but we don't. We just think we do. Sometimes God wants to recharge us, but we are too drained to pay attention.

P.S. I finally got a new computer! My sound had quit working among other things, but I'm back in business now. This is why this post is a little late.


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm glad you got a new computer and are feeling inspired!

sybilsanders said...

I wish I had the courage and inspiration that you have. You are a very strong person and you do have a lot of things in your life to do.

tam7777 said...

You are right on target. Keep plugging along. All the pieces will fall into place.