Friday, August 27, 2010

A Letter's Journey: Waiting

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Days passed with no response. The silence was almost deafening. "A simple thank you would be nice," she thought to herself.

She dared to hope that things would change. Dominique loved him in spite of everything. It still hurt. It hurt beyond words to give love, yet get nothing in return.

Out of boredom, she checked her voicemail. That unmistakable voice was on the other end. "I just called to invite you to dinner. Let me know if you can come," he said. Dominique dropped the phone as she caught her breath. Why could he not be thankful that she wrote him? The world did not revolve around him. Instead of getting anxious over nothing like she had done in the past, Dominique said a prayer.

"Father, help him to see Your love for him knows no boundaries. Heal his broken heart. Help me get past my hurts so I can help others get past theirs. Show him I am not the same person I once was. Give me Your peace as I deal with this in the days to come. Amen."

Instantly, Dominique felt better. She would wait as he came to terms with the time that had passed. She would wait for him to deal with his issues, but patience didn't come easy for her. In the meantime, Dominique would pick up the pieces of her life one letter at a time.