Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Memories Rewind: Takin' Care of Business

*This is the first of my Memories Rewind: Summer Edition. Stay tuned for more laughs and mischief!

Granny had just come in from the garden. Her arms were loaded with golden ears of corn. I could hardly contain my excitement when thinking about all of that corn.

"C'mon, M. I need some help with this corn." I grabbed a chair from the house and made Granny wince as I drug it over the concrete. Granny couldn't have my brother just standing around, so he got a basket, too.

One by one, we peeled back the layers. Then, we had to brush the corn to get rid of the silk that finds its way in between the kernels. Before long, I found my eyelids drooping. Maintaining a garden was hard work! I stole a glance at Granny. Her shorts were dusty, but her hands were busy. How often do we abandon the harvest because it seems like too much work for very little reward?

Feeling the cool breeze of the fan, I was re energized. I went to pull out another ear, but my hand was touching the bottom of that worn basket. Woo hoo! "Granny, I'm done!" I said as I sprinted into the sunlight to play. E wasn't about to be left, so he quickly finished and ran out to meet me.

As I child, I didn't comprehend the lessons that Granny was teaching us right away. I just knew we were helping her get finished quicker. I wouldn't trade those summer days for anything.