Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Memories Rewind: Showtime!

Parents were bustling in the back room getting the kids ready for the show. Hairspray was everywhere, clothes were being changed. Kids beside me nervously darted their eyes as people filled the church pews. I was ready. I had rehearsed my songs many times, so I was just waiting for my teacher to give the "Go" signal.

Many kids forgot their lines, but I was in my element. Probably a little too much. One of the
songs called for posters. Mine said "Do not lie." I didn't believe in silently telling things, so I added my own flavor. "Don't tell lies" I belted out with a swing of my hips and swag of my finger. Lyin' was serious business.

I must confess something, though. I had a little motivation. Daddy said he would give me a shiny quarter if I did a good job.

Even my teacher stifled a laugh in the middle of the performance. I bounded down the steps after the performance, happy it was over. I ran to the back of the church to meet my family. I stuck out my hand, and Daddy was a little confused. "Um, I think you owe me a quarter," I said sweetly. He fished for a quarter and handed it to me. There was no way E was getting it. I had earned that sucker! I'm sure that the audience knew my little extras weren't part of the program, but they seemed to enjoy it.

Did any of you ever add something extra to a performance? Oh wait, maybe I was the only unpredictable one. :)
Image Credit: Arts Powered Schools via Google. Sadly, I couldn't find a picture from that night, so Google came to my rescue. Just imagine a spunky blonde haired little girl in about the second row.
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