Monday, March 07, 2011

He's Always There

My mom had to park on a hill in order for us to get the handicap parking place. We were getting ready to leave. For someone who can walk this wouldn't be a big deal, but for someone in a wheelchair, things can be a bit tricky.

"You know we're on a little bit of hill," my mom cautioned as I put the brakes on my wheelchair so it would be steady when I got ready to get up to get in the car.

"Yeah, which is stupid," I responded. All of a sudden, a man says, "I've got it." I looked behind me to see a man in a black sweater and stocking cap holding my wheelchair as I got up. "Don't worry, I'll hold it."

I was very surprised because no one was in the parking lot when we left the building and people don't exactly rush to help people in wheelchairs. I got into the car and the man said, "You ladies have a blessed day now."

After we left, I couldn't get the man out of my mind. The more I thought about it, the more my heart smiled at the thought of what he had done. He didn't have to. It was a cold and windy day, so he could have just kept on going past us without a second thought...but he didn't.

This reminded me of the way God is. In the midst of your frustration and you think you're all alone, God is there. He's saying, "Don't worry, I'll hold this. Let me help you."


tam7777 said...

You are right when we need someone he is always there.