Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting Beneath the Surface

As I opened a box of Raffaello Coconut balls, I immediately envisioned biting through that flaky outside to reveal that creamy white goodness. The picture on the box shows a white ball dusted with coconut, but underneath, it's just a white ball filled with cream.

How many times do humans pursue a friendship with someone just based on what they seem like on the outside? Many times someone can look like a caring, charming person. As time goes on, that superficial facade comes off layer by layer, revealing a much different side of that person. Then, we kick ourselves for being so blinded by their outward appearance.

When you really get to know someone, you are fully aware of their faults and quirks and accept them anyway. This doesn't happen over night or even a few weeks; it takes a long time to get to this place. In this place, one is vulnerable because they can't hide under jokes or material things anymore. Both people involved have to be willing to reveal the real them, not the person that has been so carefully crafted over the years. This doesn't just apply to relationships with others, this is about your image of yourself.

You have to be willing to carefully examine what could you change to be better. Don't blame it on other people or other things. The first thing is to admit something needs to change. Denial will put you on a downward spiral that will take you further than you care to go.

You'll be amazed at what you learn if you will dig a little deeper.


sybilsanders said...

Madison, this is so true. Sometime we don't look on deeper to the inside, we should settle for what is on the outside.