Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thanking Him when you don't feel Thankful

I was thinking about things after I read an article. As a result, I started thinking about all that has happened in my life.

We always say thank you when someone holds the door for us.

We say thank you when we' re given a compliment.

The doctor was shocked that I thanked him after he'd injected me with three different medicines. Most people don't know that kind of thanks. The kind of thanks that flows from your lips because you're grateful he took a risk even when others wouldn't. The kind of thanks that means your thankful for relief even though you can't feel it yet.

Most of us don't thank God for our trials even though it says it in the Word(James 1:2-3). You should be thankful for the trials of life not because of the pain they bring but because of the change they bring. Mama asked me after a sermon from a few years ago if I had thanked God for the trials that I had been through. I said no. I didn't understand what that meant and why it was important for me to do it.

Now more wiser, I'm beginning to understand what she meant. If I hadn't been through a surgery at nine years old, I wouldn't know how to ignore mean comments and gestures from kids in elementary school.

If I hadn't gone through a few more surgeries, I wouldn't know how to press on even when it seems like I can't go anymore.

If my back hadn't started giving me trouble and ended up with a broken vertebrate that even an MRI couldn't see, I wouldn't have learned patience.

If I hadn't had to endure a freak accident with my hip that required a battery of tests, I would never have experienced God's grace on a whole new level (and a continued learning experience with patience).

I can honestly say that I'm thankful for every trial, every storm, being in the valley because everything has shaped me to be the person that I am. All of these events have taught me more about life than sitting by a fire being comfortable ever would have.

What's something that your thankful for?


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

What a beautiful post and a wonderful attitude you have! It's hard to be thankful during and for trials, but it is SO true. They are definitely something to be thankful for.

tam7777 said...

You are so right. Everything we go through does shape us. It will either make us bitter or make us better. I choose the better. I beleive I know you well enought that is what you choose to. Great Post.