Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My brain is tired. I'm finally done with finals. In an effort to make sure my readers get their dose of all things Making my Mark as well as make things easier on myself, here are some thoughts that I put together last week.

I had someone say something that took me by surprise awhile back: "I wish I had your testimony." I pondered as to why they would want my testimony. They responded by saying that "God had done a miracle in my life, which was cool". They didn't think their story measured up to mine evidently. I told them that everyone has a story to tell whether they realize it or not. Their frown turned into a smile at the thought that they had something to say that actually mattered.

We were given an assignment in a class to write a story after looking at a picture. I will share mine.

As my teacher went around the room inquiring about everyone's stories, I began to see how different they all were. Stories remind me of handprints; we all have them but they're all unique. Everyone loves to hear how God did a miracle for me, but they fail to know the hardships that I've endured. My story is full of twists and turns, betrayal, overwhelming joy, hard work, love, great friends and a few scars. No story is in a beautiful book with glossy white pages, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.

I also have hope that I am the author of my future. The pen is in my hand. The choices that I make will determine what the next chapter in my book will look like. Will you have another chapter in your book that is the same as the last one or will you make an effort to be spontaneous and live a little?

What's your story(you can be brief)?


Meg said...

You are so right. It's much more interesting hearing someone else's story than telling their own. Maybe they just felt like they wish they had your strength, the amount you always present when telling any story. :)

Together We Save said...

I love hearing, reading other peoples stories.