Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Memories Rewind: My Hero in Wranglers and Cowboy Boots

The day was hot with a hint of breeze blowing through the trees, making it the perfect day for boating. I was there dressed in a sleeveless shirt and shirt my butterfly AFOs with a light blue background. The boat ramp was slightly covered in water making it impossible for me to walk over it with just my braces on.

My brother scooped me up and I wound my arms tightly around his neck. Clomp. Clomp was the sound of his cowboy boots hitting the shiny silver metal. My mom was a little ahead of us, so she warned my brother to watch his step because of the water there. Ever the stubborn boy, my brother never slowed down, thinking nothing of that puddle of water. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

My brother did reach that puddle of water, but it wasn't smooth sailing. Before I knew it, his boot slipped and down we went. I thought for sure that he would buckle under the weight of holding me, but to my amazement, he never dropped me. With almost cat like reflexes, he popped back to a standing position before anyone else even knew what had happened. "Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yep." I replied. Determined to finish what he started, he took me back to the car just like he said he would.

What he didn't tell anyone until after I was safe in the car was that he had hurt his leg.

Memaw said, "Eli, what on earth happened to your leg?"

"Aww, it was nothing" he nonchalantly replied. There was a gaping hole in his jeans where blue jean material should have been. It most certainly wasn't nothing.

He grabbed a band-aid from a compartment in the boat and went off to enjoy a day on the lake.

When I see those blue jeans or that scar on his knee, I'm reminded of how brave he was because it could have been much worse for both of us.


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awww such a sweet story!